For my stag do we made the "clever" decision to head over to Vegas.

I have never gambled before, although I have been through Vegas a few times, once as a kid and a few times on work, but never had time to experience the real vegas people talk about. 

A great crew of us flew in, after dropping our bags off in our rooms we ran back down stairs to take it all in… 

Little did we know our oxygen levels were about to hit a sky high.



As I said before I have never played the tables, after an hour or so of arriving and a few refreshing drinks I decided to give roulette a go, its bar far the most appealing game to me, it felt right.

I lay down a few chips on my wedding date 05 (red), lean back and the hostess spins the board and then the ball, we all watch it spin not really expecting much, it tumbles across a few numbers and just like it had a magnet sitting in it, bang its sitting in the 05.

Well it doesn’t quite register straight away till someone congratulates me off the table as I had just won a fair amount of money, something like 35 times my original bet, wow… ok I start getting excited, and the advice from other people starts rushing in, stay on the number again, take some money back.

Keeping the original bet down on number 05, I add some additional chips to red and after a little gaze at all the chips under my hand I look up and would you bloody believe it, the roulette ball has found its home, number 05 for a second time and a mountain of chips get pushed over towards me…breath…the rush kicks in and I do what I would advise anyone to do who’s just started and wins a bunch….. 

Cash out – get the high chips in your pocket and go have a drink, talk it over with your friends and enjoy the moment. 

The whole game rolls through so fast you can easily sit there bouncing up and down, but we took a good hour just laughing and enjoying the moment, it was truly amazing.


We stayed at the Cosmopolitan and after a few days of traveling around the strip it was one hundred percent the place to be, it had all the right vibes and the whole design, build and experience was built for someone who enjoys tasteful environments.

My best man had a good few things booked for us, a few right up my street like the Cirque du soleil "zoomanity" 18+. I have always been a fan of Cirque du soleil, as long as I can remember overtime I have come away wishing I was part of the circus, this show was a bit different then the others, a lot of crowd interaction and when one of my good friends got pulled up on stage we struggled to breath from laughing to much, felt like the dogs from who framed Roger rabbit.

Shooting guns was on the cards too at the firing range, such a bizarre experience. Of course as the very old saying goes, not all should be spoken about that goes on in Vegas so I won't spill to many of the shenanigans that went on, but some seriously funny times are burnt in to my brain.